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Consolidate Your MCAs with Your One Best Offer Today

Every business needs financing to operate and grow.  And sometimes you need a bit of extra time and room to get thru the month or the quarter.  Do you have too many payments due every months and not enough left over?  Do you need a little more funding to keep growing and meet all your obligations?

BestFundingOffer.com can get you the best available Consolidation Cash Advance offer from a direct lender today.  No collateral is required, and you can have a decision by tomorrow and funding in a 2-3 days! 

What is a Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation?

It’s common for small business owners to find themselves with multiple forms out outstanding financing, multiple payments and high costs burdens. Many take out a merchant cash advance to see finance new opportunities or help get over a slow period, but struggle with repayments and get another MCA to service the first one.

Small business owners who find themselves borrowing against future revenues, then borrowing again to service the first advance, often have face rising costs and re-payment hardships. But there is a solution.

BestFundingOffer specializes in merchant cash advance consolidations or refinancing to help you manage your business finances and growth in a sustainable and affordable way.

Need to Consolidate? Apply Direct at BestFundingOffer.com!

Consolidate your MCA’s or get an additional one to ease the expense burden. Our direct funding partners are now offering special discount options for these programs! Fill out this easy form now to get pre-qualified:

How is a Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation Different from a Refinance?

There are two ways to pay off existing debt – refinancing and consolidation.

With a refinance, it’s a one for one trade. The new loan pays off and replaces the old loan. The new loan could have better interest rates, terms, or a longer repayment term.

Consolidating loans takes multiple loans or forms of debt, such as multiple cash advances, business credit card balances or factoring loans against your receive and provides you with one source of capital to manage it all, on a longer re-payment schedule that leaves you room to operate.  And sometime even provides additional capital that you need on top of your previous balances if needed.

Why Consolidate Your Merchant Cash Advances?

Even if you pay upfront fees to consolidate your merchant cash advances, there are strong financial reasons to do it:

Make fewer monthly payments.

Are struggling with multiple payments and schedule while maintaining your business cash flow? When you consolidate your debt, this is no longer an issue.

Less risk of damaging your credit score.

Worried that you’ll forget to have sufficient funds in your account and incur an overdraft charge? Because you only have one payment to remember, there’s less risk that you’ll forget to have sufficient funds on hand. Failing to make a payment could result in overdraft charges, but also further damage to your credit report. Plus, merchant cash advance companies don’t report to credit bureaus, unlike banks and term loan lenders.

Lower your monthly payments.

When you consolidate multiple forms of debt, it might be able to lower your monthly payment.

More flexible payment plan.

With a merchant cash advance consolidation, you can work with your financial partner to create a payment plan that best suits your business. Banks rarely extend this flexibility.